Must Reads 243 - Value is key in 2023

Value (Not Price) Wins In 2023 ➕

Must Reads 243 

Good Morning Must Readers!  

This week I have some incredible must read articles and great nostalgic video you will have to make the time to watch.

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

Work Must Reads 

> The Secrets Between Making 4 Day Work Week & Hybrid Work, Work 💪 -  Here is a very smart take on why 4 day work week and hybrid work can work and how it's about everyone adapting to the modern way of working not the old way of working.  

>> Must Read Of The Week

> The Secret Lives Of The Best Female Spies 🕵️‍♀️- There is something powerful happening and we will never know, this long read is brilliant, why I wanted to be a journalist. Grab your caffeinated drink of choice and read this! 

> Ticketmaster Painful Economics Explained 🎟️ - After the wrath of Taylor Swift fans, Ticketmaster has rightly suffered numerous questions, in this piece Ticketmaster's economics are explained super simply. TBH as a business operator, you have to admire it, as a fan you have to hate it. 

> The Mr Beast Consumer Playbook 🍫- It is rare that we see a creator influence so much change in such a short time, from video creator to business operator. Mr Beast is one of very select few that has changed the way we see creators and to start understand how they can create multiple brands, navigate and lead the new world.  

> UK Coming For American Market 🇺🇸- Large UK brands are looking to expand into the most saturated and dominant market in the World, yes, the USA. Primark, M&S, ASOS and co have either partnered with major stores or offered limited SKUs. Although we speak mostly the same language, cultural differences is something so many discount when attempting the UK to US move and the expectations are much higher with American customers. I learnt these lessons with two different companies and advising another, America is basically many different countries within one

> Journalism Predictions For 2023 📰 - Long-term Must Readers will see I share this each year, the Nieman Lab predictions, why? Typically these are super accurate and represent the upcoming changes we will have to see to make journalism work for the consumer for the next 12-18 months. My prediction is that the bundle is going to take over, newspapers together, journalists together, newsletters and podcasters together. Value is key in 2023

> Gen Z Slang Confusing Boomers 😥 - Every now and then we see issues arise with new forms of tech, slang and communication channels. One that happens recently is the faster introduction of new tech or apps. Unfortunately, over the last two years, it comes down to use of emojis, slang like slay and having to translate short and sharp messages (without punctuation and the use of emojis instead of words is most common and I experience this quite a lot).  

> 🫡 The Most Apt Emoji of 2022 🫡- Probably my favourite emoji has finally got some recognition and has been used for multiple purposes this year. (it's worth a read for the embedded tweets alone)

> The Life After Google 🔍 - Google has been a life-changing company for so many people, its influence around the world is felt numerous times a day (across Android devices, Google searches, YouTube & Gmail). This insider look is interesting as both have kept quiet and out of the limelight since their departure from Alphabet, both have backed failed ventures since and like most are struggling for the next big thing. Maybe this begs the question; what do you do next as multi-billionaires when you leave their first tech baby and buying private islands isn't enough? 

Life Must Reads

> The Real Impact Of Loneliness 😢  - This is a fascinating article diving into why loneliness hurts and why we need to connect to other humans via social needs. 

> Love This Selection Of Wildlife Pics ❤️- I love wildlife and animals being photographed in the wild, this is a brilliant collection 

> Mix Of The Week

Diplo multi-genre mix is perfect to work to! 

>> Watch Of The Week

A good flashback and a quick history of the internet 

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Danny Denhard