Must Reads 242

Comeback Session ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Must Reads 242

Good Morning Must Readers! 🎄

This week I have some incredible must read articles and a video (well a brilliant vodcast) you have to watch.

Here is my pic of the week from 747 pilot over Hawaii

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

Work Must Reads

>> Must Read Of The Week

> You Don't Have To ⚠️ - The rules of leadership have been changing for the last decade and here are the essential you don't have to activities you as a manager or importantly as a company leader

> BNPL Leader Vs Credit Cards 💰 - Why PayPal co-founder Max Levchin is attacking credit cards. Nice idea but slightly skewed...Max is fascinating, he was an early investor in Yelp, owned and is the founder of one of the lead buy now pay later companies, Affirm.

& talking of PayPal mafia, this article has trended on my Focus site for the last two weeks (unsurprisingly) > Elon Musk's 7 Business Rules 

> Anna Delvey On Her Comeback 👀 - Anna Delvey AKA Anna Sorokin (pic above) is the con artist who posed as a wealthy heiress and got away with thousands of dollars. Anna is known for the Netflix show Inventing Anna and is now telling her story through a popular podcast, exhibiting paintings in Miami all under house arrest. Her PR and rebranding skills must be incredible. Her story is fascinating, her comeback is likely spectacular.

> How Silent eBikes Are Tackling Poaching 🐘 - I love it when technology is being used to reduce and remove issues, one of the lesser known is how silent eBikes are being used to capture poachers. This use case really gives me hope for better use cases of eBikes and micro-mobility.

> Ghostwriter Secrets 🤫- Here is an interesting trend from 2022, ghostwriters from LinkedIn posts to tweet threads to famous people having to use ghostwriters. I love hearing about ghostwriters and how they tell brilliant stories for others. Remember you don't always have to the face.

> The Non-April Fools Dyson 🎧 - yes those air purifying headphones are coming out in 2023, priced at $949 / £775 - fascinating use of tech, with the even more fascinating the price point...

> Superapp vs apps of control 👇 this is where a handful of lucky brands will find themselves in 2023, if you have numerous apps and control multiple hours of usage, do you create a superapp centralising everything or do you ramp up more apps.

> 700m Active Users 1m Paid Subs 💬 - Telegram is a beast of an instant messenger platform, I would go so far as saying it is the platform enabling modern-day media companies and communities to build and develop. Whether they are fringe or worse groups...Telegram has impressively in just 6 months it has over 1m paid subscriptions. (According to Telegram it has 15b messages sent daily 🤯) In this sense, it is already ahead of WhatsApp. Be aware, Telegram is becoming the community platform of choice for many creators and it is enabling the superfan access to creators in ways never able before, even deeper than Twitter and Instagram.

> How To Define A Toxic Workplace 👎 - One of my favourite podcasts offers a good article on defining a toxic workplace and the importance of emotional flexibility. FWIW toxic for some might be environments others thrive in and never see the issue, so important you recognise this when raising this.

Life Must Reads

> Food Hacks 🍌 - Want to know more about food and coffee? This article helps you with handy pics and infographics (thanks to Must Reader Paula for sharing)

>> Watch Of The Week

> One of my favourite podcasts has one of my favourite podcasters/professors Adam Grant as a guest, so, why listen? How to improve as a leader, how to listen more effectively & how to take on better feedback by asking better questions.

> Learn To Sleep From Truckers 🛌 - Sleep is something many have tested and tried to build different ways of making it work for them. Is the secret how long-haul truckers sleep? Actually likely, I have tried almost every method from to marine way of sleeping for bursts, to Polyphasic Sleep: sleeping 20 minutes every four hours and sleeping at scheduled times. The best for me, going to sleep when I am actually tired.

> Must Listen Mix 🪩 Multi-genre mix DJ, MC & Producer Majestic

Thanks again for reading this week and I’ll land in your inbox again next week.

Danny Denhard