Must Reads 241

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Must Reads 241

Good Morning Must Readers! ☀️

This week I have 11 must read articles, I recommend a few hacks you will want to use today and there are a number of open roles from Friends Of Must Reads.

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Before we dive in...Some light-hearted fun ⬇️ - cows as laundry

Must Read Stories Of The Week

Work Must Reads

> WTF is Space-As-A-Service 🏢 - + 5 ways to improve your work for 2023 (A must read for any manager or leader wanting to improve work for your company)

Must Read Of The Week

> The Five Themes From My Coaching 🆕- The 5 important themes that have kept coming up with my coaches and the leads coming in, including confidence and the sacrifice being made.

> Gold Card Giveaway 🍟 - Over the 4 and half years of Must Reads I have praised restaurant chains with their black cards and gold cards tactics, leveraging free food to gain huge promotions and create a mystic and scarcity around them. McD's is offering giveaway gold cards with free food for life via its app. It is never a bad idea to tease the superfans what you could win

> How To Superfans K-pop Inspiration 🎵 - I have promoted the power of the superfan for a long time on Must Reads, this article nails how K-pop stars really do nail connecting with their fans and growing their fan base, how? By developing insider jokes, frictionless connection and enabling fans to get close (enough)

> Culture Clash Round 3 🏳️‍🌈 - Netflix had issues with their employees over the last two years with the comedians they signed and the materials and jokes they tell. The issue is co-CEO has come out and said he would sign comedians over and over again, sending a message internally that content talent is more valuable. Let's see how this one goes.

> Need To Read 📖 - Paul Graham is a must-read in the startup space, this week’s short essay is a great remember how reading and then writing really does help to crystallise your thoughts. This is what is so impressive by solo content creators and those who create great written, audio and video-based content consistently!

> Good Explainer Of Tech Firing & Hiring Freezes 👇 There are a lot of layoffs at the moment and the majority is in big tech, as they hired for two to three years in advance, coupled with having the wrong strategy. It has actually impacted tech workers as comp packages are going to be less aggressive elsewhere

> Google Maps For Graveyards 👀- Yes you read that right, a UK company wants to help people find their ancestors more easily by mapping and creating tech that helps you find dead people more easily. This is likely a genius move but one that will come will many issues (maybe I have been binge-watching too much CSI)

> Smart use of QR codes aka flowcode by SKKN by Kim ⬇️

> Apples Bait 📲 - Alongside Elon's usual poorly selected antics, Apple has named BeReal as their app of the year, sending a clear message to rivals Meta and now Twitter. Political decisions, maybe, one that will sting these large socials app for sure. And the Spotify founder Daniel Ek has made a fresh attack on Apple suggesting they bully and police the internet.

Must Resource Of The Week

I haven’t shared my favourite shortcuts for a while, so here is a few that you will love👇 In the address bar, just type in for a new google doc or for a new notion doc to open up.

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Life Must Reads

Must Resource Of The Week

> Six Smart Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem 🆙 - Here's a quick article to help you give yourself a little boost. With the lack of sunlight and change in temperature SAD (affective disorder) is really impacting many people.

> The Year Of The Pretzel 🥨 - The food giant that was overlooked for years is now having its moment thanks to innovation and it's being seen as a low-calorie alternative snack.

Open Jobs

I know it is tough for many at the moment, so I will be sharing open roles from Friends of Must Reads, it will also be open for those who are looking for roles (please hit reply to be featured)

Open Roles > Fintech and Edtech company Blackbullion have 3 openings (including Customer Success, Student Community Manager & Senior Product Designer). > BBC Maestro is looking for a Social Media, Community & Influencer Manager & a eCRM manager.

For Hire > Nicholas is a great copywriter and been recommended a couple of times to me. If you're looking for a copywriter reach out on LinkedIn 

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