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Have We Got OF Wrong?

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

Work Must Reads

1/ The Simple 3 Things To Work Together More Successfully: 3️⃣ Why do we overcomplicate things when it comes to working, status, money and perception. Here are 3 ways to simplify.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa


2/ Parasocial Relationship Problems? When Streamers Come Under IRL Attack: 🚫 A fascinating article on how one of the highest Twitch earners is stalked and platforms struggle to support their prized assets. FWIW Amouranth is the only woman in the top 100 streamers on Twitch.

3/ Are Next Gen Domains .eth The Next .com? 👎 Sounds easy but complicated to buy. Brands will want to jump onto the .eth trend (as many web3 companies (they also love the .xyz too) and celebrities did).

4/ Have We Got OF Wrong? 🤔 OnlyFans CEO features in this week's time leaders newsletter, she explains why it is a safe space for social creators (suggesting it's up to the creator to own their own customer's experience) and isn't just for 🔞 content and why their transition is more deliberate to offer the best experience. Fun fact: Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa (mentioned in story 2) has earned +£27million on OnlyFans. Can you see the transition from adult creator platform to media company work?

5/ The Volunteers Fighting The Vile On Reddit 👏- Reddit can be an unreal resource and a community that is unrivalled, unfortunately, this is not the case for most and like Wikipedia, it relies on voluntary work to help clean up and reduce bad behaviours. I have said this numerous times on Must Reads content moderation is really hard and something AI just isn't good enough at, this is where the human editor is still so important.

6/ Group Chat For Foods Future 💬- This is an interesting look at group chat and an example of using discord to improve community and develop relationships with customers, suppliers and other restauranteurs to build a better future. I have seen this work well and like what happened with Facebook pages, Facebook Groups & Twitter these turn bad once bad experiences start to pick up. Be warned community is great until an issue, then it can often become a mob!

7/ The Future Of Media 👇 - I have been diving into media arms within businesses (inbound media as HubSpot have coined) and how podcasts are evolving past audio and The High Performance podcast has shown the journey that many others will take. From podcast ➡️ community site ➡️ book launch ➡️ live tour ➡️ telegram group ➡️ hosting and speaking at events ➡️large speaking gigs (pic below)

The High Performance Podcast Journey

8/ 1️⃣1️⃣ free resources to improve your company's long-term performance and company culture.

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Life Must Reads

How To Beat Srinkification ⬇️ - Actionable tips on how to win the fight for smaller-sized products in your supermarkets.

Free Train Travel? 🚂- This is a good look at what many European nations are doing by offering free (or small fee first-class travel) anywhere. There is a good case for this in many countries, however, if your travel is privatised and owned by operators (not us the people) do not expect a big shift anytime soon.

Football kit sponsorship showing business trends retrospective;y

Rest of World

Do Football Shirts Sponsors Show The Demise Of Industries ⚽️ - A good look (and nice UX) at how you can plot the demise of industries from the front of football kits.

Well Worth A Watch

Self-driving cars are here & they are two things (1) Self Driving Taxi's, yes like Uber’s (robotaxi’s) they are already being used in San Fran & (2) Long haul transportation.

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