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—For Work—

The Ten Biggest Issues Facing Leaders Today 😞 // ReadHere are the ten biggest issues faced by leaders today and how to fix them.

11 Common But Unspoken Hiring Mistakes 😠 // Read We are mostly aware of the hiring mistakes made, but do you learn from them? How about the hiring mistakes that go unspoken? Simple and quickfire lessons here.

Shein’s Out Of Control? 👗 // Read Shien appeared to come from nowhere and now owns a large % of the fashion market. This long read deconstructs the Chinese fashion juggernaut Shein, it’s environmental issues and how it is reshaping the fashion shopping experience.

Is Elon’s Twitter Good For Marketers? 🤔 // Read A lot has been made about Elon and his army of investors buying Twitter but what does this mean for Marketing & Growth leaders? Will it make Twitter a good or bad place to advertise and represent your brand on. FWIW I am quoted in the piece. 

Duolingo’s Food For Thought 🌮 // ReadThe language app (well known from their TikTok apparently) is opening up a restaurant to help with education. Smart campaign if excuted well. Many virtual only brands struggle to become relevant IRL, seems like Duolingo has made a good connective move for the brand.

The A-Z Of Leadership For 2022 💯// Read What are the 26 essential traits of leadership for 2022 and beyond? This article breaks it down and offers what to know, teach and learn.

“Quote Of The Week”: Warren Buffet — “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

—For Life—

The Darker Side Of Mindfulness 🧘‍♂️ // Read Mindfulness is always good right? This BBC article actually dives into the darker side of mindfulness and how it can mislead us or misdirect us.

Globalisation Of HipHop 🎵// Read Heard of Bad Bunny? The story behind bad bunny and his approach to making hiphop work in Spanish is a true testament to how hiphop is truly global and impacts culture. The evolution of music is important as artists are desperate to work with Bad Bunny to reach his fans, specifically the big Spanish speaking audience.

Science’s Guide To Becoming A Better Listener👂// Read Most likely not your issue but here’s a good breakdown of what could help you according to science…Would the recommended 3 step process of (1) Shut up, (2) Listen, (3) Repeat work for you?

Buy Now Pain Later 💵 // Read A brilliantly dense look at the BNPL market and why so many people just don’t understand it (and why consolidation is likely coming to save the market) If you prefer video, here is a short 2 minute explainer of why BNPL is challenging for most.

Eye Yoga 👁 🧘‍♂️ // ReadBlue light glasses, drinking more water and eating better are ways to tackle screen strain and eye strain. Have you heard of eye yoga? No, me neither, but the article helps to offer why eye yoga might well help with eye strain and stress.

Mother Nature 🌪  

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👉 Long time friend (and smart CMO) Rachel from Arctic Shore is hiring a Head Of Content & Campaigns — and guess what they don’t even want a cv ❌📄 !

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This is an incredible look back and homage to Ozark from the cast, the crew and Netflix celebrating their second-best show to date.

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