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—For Work—

When To Be A Leader & When To Cheerlead 📣 There are times as a leader you need to lead and other times when you can step up or step back and cheerlead, being a cheerleader is often underappreciated and underutilised by company heads and department heads. — Read More

Why Doing More & Chasing “Changing Consumer Behaviour” Is Actually Hindering You 💯 You will have noticed many brands have ignored the microeconomics, but pushing more marketing messages, more discounts and longer marketing campaigns, is this helping, no and business leaders should read this post! — Read More

HRTok 😱 HRTok exploded in popularity in 2020 and 2021, now coinciding with “the great resignation” and “the great reshuffle” HRTok is becoming a must watch. The question now is will this help HR reps or hinder them, particularly in large orgs that really do not appreciate even jokes or “hypercritical scenarios” added out. — Read More

Company Culture Explained 👏 LinkedIn released their culture and values to the public this week with its CEO explaining it through on…LinkedIn 😏. One important factor here is being transparent and clearly defining their culture and value separately. This is uncommon and we will likely see many companies attempt formally write up and share publicly. — Read More


VPN’s 2P’s: Privacy & Piracy 🕵️‍♂️ Ever wondered why VPNs sponsor everything? And why VPN’s are being promoted, it was to save your privacy and browse more safely. Hollywood despite the self-serving nature is leading the way to challenge VPN usage. Unfortunately, the industry like your computer’s security software had to, has had to turn to piracy and illegal tactics to make money. Privacy has a long way to go when piracy and ads are the main way for companies operating in the space to make money — Read More

Zooming Out - Growing Up? 📊I bet you are sick of Zoom calls…badly run meetings aren’t just hurting you and your business, it is also hurting zoom. In this interview, the CPO of Zoom suggests their platform play and why being more than just a conferencing app is so important. Hint Zoom might go into calendar management and more collaboration than being the platform others build into. — Read More

—For Life—

Dolphins In The Miltary 🐬 A fascinating look at why militaries around the world use Dolphins in their military. — Read More

13 Is The Magic Number 😞 Interesting read on why a study found, that adolescents are shaped at the age of 13 when they spend more time with peers and openly turn to other voices than their mothers. Important to know we are always shaped by our environment — Read More

Product Placements 3.0 🥤 Amazon have entered the race for better ads with their new ad unit called VPP, which is where they can insert product placement in older shows. In China, this has been happening for a few years but this is the first venture in the West and you will be exposed to ‘better’ product placement in shows. I predicted this last year and suggest how much potential this has. Expect the world’s largest brands (Coca Cola, Apple, Amazon etc) hit you with even more ads and messages — Read More

How To Break Self Critical Habits 💪We all have our moments where we cannot shake being critical or we have phases of not just blaming ourselves. Here is a good guide from a CBT therapist. — Read More 

Well Worth The Watch ⏯

Do people actually want your time or do they want your energy? Energy is the one power that is often undervalued and not considered — Watch 

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