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—For Work—

Why Some People Have Vision 🔮 Here is a quick article on why some people have vision and can see a clear future and why others just do not have vision and what qualities visionaries typically have. - Read More

AR - The Future View 📱 We have seen a lot of talk around the future, the metaverse, the need to break away from our phones etc but for me, the best way to see the future and experience it is likely for the next 5 years is AR (augment reality layered on top of the real world). This article is great at showing how many options we have and the way movement is so important to adding depth of experience and detailing. - Read More

How America’s Coolest Coffee Chain Didn’t Lay Anyone Off For 2 Years 👏 I look for company culture wins every week and it’s hard to find currently but here is a good breakdown of how blue bottle coffee didn’t lay anyone off over the last two years and what it has meant for their business. Stand out quote “The most valuable asset the company has is 'care’'- Read More

Everyone Hates Ads 😖 Liquid Death is a brilliant disruptive brand in the water space in the US, their CEO has their messaging and brand down to a tea. Here is a good article breaking down why going into non-traditional areas works for them and not others - Read More

Controversy = Subs Growth 📈 Joe Rogan is the king of vodcasts (video podcasts), Joe was one of those public figures who made huge mistakes in the past but unlike many stood up and took ownership of them. His podcast is the most popular in the world and is insanely popular long-form pods, his recent controversy has apparently helped him to amass a further 2m subs (a $100m Spotify exclusive). What does this say? Controversy sells as does differing opinions which Rogan celebrates. This matters because mainstream media have fuelled his growth coupled with the varying guests and topics they discuss. BTW I’m quick 2c, many ‘hate listen’ to Joe Rogan that powers his brand…- Read More

Well Worth The Watch ⏯

Why Coachella is as much about status as music (and why everyone is flocking to Coachella). Kinsey and Dan have a great flowing conversation on this. » My prediction is Coachella will go international and come to Europe…

—For Life—

The 7 Ocean Mysteries We Need To Address 🐳 The Earth is mostly water, we often forget that being land animals. We also forget we haven’t explored the ocean fully and learning more about the ocean daily. This look by vox really does make you wonder and think what haven’t we discovered and how much opportunity there is with the oceans. - Read More 

Why People Are Making Their Own Nations 🏳 First, we had people making their own villages, buying their own islands, then attempting to optimise cities and now many are trying to create their own countries and nations (with their own currency or trading systems). Maybe this is what Elon is doing with Twitter and then Mars. My prediction: With the way we have relied online for so long, many will try to build societies and tribes away from online first living. - Read More

Boomer 👴 Louis Theroux is possibly the only “boomer” I know that is accepted across all generations and keep having their moment. His recent rap has made him trend on TikTok and excellent appearance on chicken shop date has enabled him to reach a wider audience by essential being himself. - Read More

Barista Iced Coffee At Home ☕️ Want to make better iced coffee at home and save some money, this article really help you make it better at home - Read More

NASA’s Decade 🚀 NASA releases their decade’s plans based on surveys (their roadmap if you like) and has called out their missions coming in the next few years. The mission to Uranus might be fascinating to see. - Read More

Time For A Digital Detox 🔓Struggling with digital and spending too much time on social or buying via different stores? Here’s an article to show you how to delete profiles, apps and stores from your life - Read More

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One of my favourite interview questions is to ask the difference between what is nice vs what is kind. On one of my favourite recent podcasts Sarah Jones Simmer said: “Another thing that’s very important to me is kindness, and kindness over niceness. The easiest example I can give is that a kind person will tell you, you have spinach in your teeth and a nice person won’t because it’s uncomfortable, right? But the kind person is going to set you up for a much better rest of your day because you’re not running around with spinach in your teeth.” — Sarah Jones Simmer on The Knowledge Project Podcast

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