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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. ✅ Ask Better Questions - The key to better performance is asking better questions and having just about enough information to make the best decisions not to have every piece of information. Here are a list of questions to ask to improve your performance - Link

  2. 🏢 Does 33% Attendance = 5 Day Weeks Are Dead? - In a good long read, a deep dive into how offices across the globe are struggling to gain physical attendance in their offices, with many questioning if this means 5 days a week knowledge work might be coming to an end. I’m not sure you can compare the two like for like, however, I do see many businesses attempting different approaches to make the office the hub for work & collaboration - Link ( » Related read by me: why the office has to become an arena)

  3. 📝 Paper Beats Digital - For years to come we may question which works best, a request in person and a paper note OR a digital request. Well, smart scientists have worked out that paper works best - Link

  4. 💴 Pricing Going Up - Food & Drinks Answer, Downsizing - We are all feeling the hike in prices, but this is how companies fight against it so it doesn’t hit our wallets “Bottom lines are being pinched and there are three basic options: raise the price directly, take a little bit out of the product, or reformulate the product with cheaper ingredients.” - Link

  5. 🐋 Killer Whale Social Structures - What can studying teeth marks and scars tell us about killer whales? Well, their social hierarchy and the structure of social interactions were studied and the younger the killer whales are the more scars they have, maybe meaning they are more alike to human social dynamics (and social cognitive theory) - Link

  6. 👋 Why People Are Leaving Their Jobs - We have heard about the Great Resignation, we have heard LinkedIn’s Great Reshuffle, but we haven’t heard of why specifically, here are many takes on why people are leaving their roles - Link 

  7. 🎥 Niche Long Form Video Is What People Crave - There is an expectation that most people crave short form, in reality, this isn’t always the case and often we are looking for longer-form entertainment to entertain us. That’s why the average niche (category specific) YouTube video is increasing. - Link » Remember my EIE framework for content success, Create content to: Education, Inspire, Entertain (watch or listen to more this tip)

  8. 🇸🇻 El Salvador Chivo Crypto Cracks - Bitcoin and crypto (accepted as legal tender) was a ray of light to help El Salvador fight back economic struggles, unfortunately it’s showing signs of issues in the first 6 months. Why? Huge unbanked issues, political games and lack of internet connectivity. The issue with long term thinking, the pain of short term will often kill long term vision - Link 

  9. 🍆 Logos - I’m sure many don’t do it for the press or PR but why do many new logos (Airbnb, Olympics 2012 etc) follow our bits shapes? Free tip; think about the average user and what they compare things to first before the social media backlash - Link 

  10. 💃 Short Form Trio - With the popularity of the short-form videos recently, here are 3 for you to enjoy 1/ Why the dominant player doesn’t always win 2/ Doja Cat’s Ad 3/ Tricked back into the office, social recovery required

  11. ⚽️ (Sports) Company Culture - 

🎧 Podcast Recommendations 🎧 1/ This is an incredible podcast on leadership in work, military and life Brilliant from General Stan McChrystal & Shane Parrish. Listen/Watch 2/ Friend of Must Reads Bruce Daisley interviews Caleb Parker founder of flexible workplace and they dive into why culture is imperative and why offices have to be even more flexible to win - Listen

💭 Thought Of The Week 💭

The best marketing is often when others do the Marketing for you, Stanley Tucci’s Searching For Italy series (Watch on CNN in 🇺🇸 / BBC in 🇬🇧, YouTube Premium in 🇦🇺) is brilliant and for me the best advertising for Italy for years. If you haven’t seen Stanley travel around Italy meeting locals and eating, it’s brilliant.

Well Worth The Watch

Ever wondered how the internet actually works and why there is a new space race for Satellites? This is a great explainer

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