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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. ✋3 Psychotherapist Exercises To Stop Overthinking - If you are an over-thinker the worst thing someone has to to say is “stop thinking about it” or “stop overthinking it”. Here are 3 good exercises to help you when you might be. - How To Stop Over-Thinking

  2. 😞 Pleasanteeism Problems - In a very British way, we grin and bear it, but a recent survey has suggested close to 3/4’s of us are doing it and it’s hurting us and our colleagues. - Why putting on a brave face is hindering your workforce 

  3. 🧠 Struggling With Brain Fog? - Here are five things you can do to remove brain fog and cognitive overload. My recommendation is always to go for a walk for over 30 minutes, whatever the weather - Read the 5 tips 

  4. 🍲 Struggling For Dinner Inspo? - It is not unusual for me to recommend food dishes to friends but I rarely share recipes here, here are some good recommendations by the New York Times - See what ones you like

  5. 📚 The Continuing Influence Of BookTok - I wrote about this a few times before and the movement is continuing, the influence from short form videos on TikTok on the book market, from individual recommendations to life changing books - Read how tiktok influences book sales

  6. 🌕 NASA Astriod Defence - Good article (albeit a little clickbaity headline in the article), many businesses are now set up to protect earth and ensure astriods don’t hit, interesting trend to watch how much money maybe invested here. - Read why NASA are investing in more earth defence

  7. 👗 OnlyFans Expansion… Fashion - You may have read about the expansion plans from platforms, it comes in the form of creator funds to find or source a swarm of creators (designers) to join their platform, last year it was music, this year it is fashion. OF is desperate to change their model away from adult, but will subscriptions work in fashion? Unlikely unless they go after a drop model - Why OF is going into Fashion 

  8. 🩴 Birkenstock’s Desire - Who would have thought the once highly undesireable sandle would be worth so much and the item to have - Read the Birkenstock $5b story (FYI this is an FT link may be gated 🔐)

  9. 🚦New Job? Great Breakdown - What you should do in the first 90 days of a leadership role 

  10. Short Form Video Trio’s (1) Artist showing off their skills with optical illusion (2) Mel Robbins offering why gestures & habits matter aka behavioural activation therapy (3) Work bants - when colleagues connect on bad talking a co-worker

  11. Couldn’t Agree More 👇 

Gen Z Report: Read (below) why thoughts in the latest Student Beans Gen Z report, I dive into why BNPL can be damaging, why AR (and mixed reality) is the future, what retail can do to fight back and why mature marketplaces are going to come out swinging against the younger more agile app based marketplaces.

💭 Thought Of The Week 💭

Communication is the secret weapon that many overlook and constantly undervalue. We do not communicate effectively enough at work. Communication makes and breaks companies. A fix: Be deliberate in improving comms, colleague to colleague, leader to leader, leader to the whole company, company to the customer. Design your communication. Aim to improve these and your company performance will improve. » Here’s one way to improve communication, a decision document

Well Worth The Watch

Swedish culture is reportedly one of the best work/life cultures around. Is Fika (Swedish coffee break) the secret to their happiness? Would introducing a 10 am and 3 pm Fika tradition help your workplace? Hint…Never decline a Fika.

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