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Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. The Difference Between Mission, Vision, Strategy, Tactics 😳
    Why is this important? So many people call everything strategy and this leads to numerous issues. This is a simple explainer of what mission, vision, strategy and tactics are and when to review and update.
    - Read the full explainer 
  2. The Most Valuable Skill For Marketers? 🤔
    Why is this important? Marketers have one of the most challenging roles within businesses. Everyone believes it is the easiest role, I’ve heard numerous times throughout my career “anyone can do marketing” and more recently it’s just posting on social. Well it’s not and here’s why being resilient is so important - Read the full story 
  3. Why Disney World Doesn't Have Mosquitoes 🦟
    Why is this important? Disney has been a leader in innovation since its inception and in the middle of mosquito heaven, they’ve managed to never have any. Understanding how to create the best possible experience is vital to what can be perceived as an expensive vacation. - Read the full story 
    FWIW The Imagineers (making the impossible possible) at Disney are a fascinating business unit and if you are looking to create better experiences you should definitely research how they were set up and complete missions.
  4. Sex & The City Character Ads 👗
    Why is this important? One issue TV shows have had in the past is being able to advertise authentically in the show and advertise with the character. In the UK you may see the P before shows but is often just something placed in the shot. How about the product being worn, drunk or even promoted or advertised to you by Carrie? Makes sense right! Here’s a quote from the article to make you think bigger - ”Allow brands to make more thoughtful and meaningful connections” - Read the full backstory 
  5. Aaliyah's Music Finally Returns 😃
    Why is this important? Aaliyah’s music is brilliant, unfortunately, her music was removed from streaming sites for the last decade and has now returned. Understanding streaming rights and rules are an essential business and currently, we are seeing issues with streaming rights and payments going to the estate or artists. We are also seeing artists having to record their back catalogues, due to previous laws and contractual disagreements and a few savvy music execs.
    With dead artists this is impossible, their music has to live on, especially with streaming sites - Read the full story  
  6. NASA Job For Mars Mission? 🌞
    Why is this important? Sounds like absolute hell to me, however, to really explore how we could live on other planets and in other world’s, this might just be an important job for 2021 and beyond - Read the full article
  7. Why Grit Is So Important 💪
    Why is this important? In the story of the most successful businesses, the underlining factor explained by most founders and the founding teams is grit. Leveraging Angela Duckworth’s (TED Talk) findings it is important to remember grit will on occasions get you further than skills - Read the full article
  8. Chip Shortage Getting Worse 😥
    Why is this important? We have seen many issues come from the chip shortage, fewer tech devices, fewer cars and trucks being made and even adult toys being stockpiled to ensure there is enough stock to match future demand. Unfortunately, this situation is about to get worse and will impact our demand for products as the whole supply chain has been negatively impacted. This will also mean less tech being available and likely prices being increased to the consumer (importantly, this situation is also impacting stock prices) - Read the full story 
  9. Is Coffee Good Or Bad?? 👀
    Why is this important? Study after study has suggested coffee is bad for you, in past must reads newsletters we have seen more positive signs that coffee isn’t all bad. Now the latest study suggests coffee is not as bad as first thought. I know many of you rely on the caffeine kick of coffee (vs the taste) so this might be some good news - Read the full article
  10. Be THE Brand Battle 🥊
    Why is this important? It’s the battle many companies do not really understand in the modern era, being the brand and having the mind share when you are in ‘action state’, is so important. What I call know (brain🧠 ) - like (👍) - love (💕). With delta, this is why mask and sanitiser brands are building up their brand and building up their brand presence. - Read the story 🚨 If you’d like to go deeper into brand, here is my post on the 7 brand statuses


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